Kibit provides small to mid-size SW development teams working together with our clients, supporting them in reaching their goals and targets. Besides, Kibit develops end to end projects mainly, but not limited to the following domains: workflow management, custom-made enterprise management solutions, frontend applications, mobile applications.

We build an ecosystem to connect expertise with demand across regions and countries in Europe, by positioning Hungarian IT companies towards foreign markets.

We are a team of professional ICT experts, with up to 20 years experience.

We provide combined remote and local teams, having a wide set of competence and reference matrix.

Transparency, flexibility, result orientation are the core of our company culture. We aim to work on interesting projects, in a friendly environment, with a good team.

Kibit acts as a gateway for our clients in several regions. We develop a comprehensive portfolio of experts. We consult our customers, discover the needs, propose best fit solutions and provide quality resources.

Our portfolio covers end to end services including SW design and development, solution delivery, marketing and communications, organization development and additional complementary services as well.

We focus on enterprise management solutions, mobile and web applications, IT security, and many other types of IT solutions mainly for utilities, media, commerce and finance.

What we do


We serve our clients! It is in our DNA to provide professional work and prioritize professionalism over contracting for a project by all means even if the necessary circumstances to deliver quality are not in place.

We believe that the way we think and the way we work create professional results. The value of professional results is not only the cost itself, but rather importantly the benefits we provide to our clients and partners in their daily operations.


We listen – we do it carefully, our aim is to capture the right understanding of a business need. We think – we think about options, choices, benefits and drawbacks that helps our customers to make the best decision. We develop business – we are not selling but we are creating the right and balanced solution to a need that is resulting in better business operations and thus our clients are happy! Happy customers make happy partnerships. We carefully select best fit solutions and competencies in these projects from our partner portfolio. Simple and complex delivery – from simple time and material based projects thru complex end to end solutions our execution capabilities cover not only project management, but unique communication management, user satisfaction management, state of the art testing and deployment methods, and many more! Be open and we do our best for you!

Way We Work

Our working practices concentrate on three major pillars. First one is the ability to listen. We extensively listen to the voice of our clients to be able to truly and deeply understand their real needs which then enables us delivering best value. That leads to the second pillar: focusing on value creation. In every step we take, we relentlessly stick to generate value-add, that brings benefit to our clients. The last pillar is about continuous mitigation of risks, whereas we apply for example agile practices like iterative, test-driven development and demonstrations of the recently created functionalities.

Regional Coverage

Kibit is a registered company in Budapest area, Hungary. Besides, we are represented in Austria, in Germany and in the Nordic countries throughout local business representatives. They are helping our customers and enabling smooth communication and collaboration with our project teams and resources.

Our business collaboration and management leads are based in Hungary, closer to you than you would imagine!

The Management Team

Bence Kiss

Co-founder & CEO

  • 15 years experience in IT and Telecommunications
  • Result and solution oriented, focusing on value creation
  • Successfully led several projects in Hungary and outside of Hungary
  • Deep experience in consulting , project and program management
  • Executed many customer and supply contracts in SW solutions domains
  • Built several product and IT solution teams
  • Holds M.S.C in electrical engineering

Gábor Bilek

Co-founder & COO

  • 14 years experience in IT and Telecommunications
  • Pragmatic, focusing on solutions and results
  • Deep experience in product management and product development
  • Experienced in project/program management
  • Successfully led multiple projects in multinational landscapes
  • Holds M.S.C in information technology

Johan Karlsson

Director Business Development, DACH

  • More than 20 years of experience in the telecoms and IT industry combined with profound business skills and a drive to encourage teams to accomplish progress
  • Technical and business all-rounder
  • Motivated by collaboration with colleagues and customers to make business innovations happen
  • Excellent communication skills, able to provide a great customer focus
  • Holds dual master degrees in Electrical Engineering, and Business Administration and International Management

Zoltán Jenei

Director Business Development

  • 30 years of IT management experience, 15 years on CIO level
  • Worked in telecommunications, financial institutions, and government organizations
  • Various international environments on a country and regional level, including the USA, Germany, Austria, and Russia
  • Master degree in Electrical engineering, master degree in Computer sciences, International Executive MBA
  • Strong focus on business-IT alignment, team building and empowerment

Tamás Zsolt Szabó

Director Business Development

  • 25 years of experience in software development and sales
  • From start-ups to multinational corporates
  • Executive leadership experience in company with 1000+ employees
  • Leading and developing software R&D teams of 400 persons
  • Substantial experience in business transformation and high impact software development projects
  • Lead mindset and result oriented
  • Holds MsC in Information technology, BsC in Economics

Satu M Palosaari

Director Business Development, Nordics

  • 20+ years’ experience in telecommunications, business development and international business
  • Proven track record from working both with start-ups and multinationals, positions from team/unit/category management to Deputy GM and Interim CEO
  • An extremely target-oriented leadership professional, a senior level go-getter, a devout believer in Lean
  • Motto: Everything is doable
  • M.A. from University of Helsinki
  • Based in Finland

Ian Betteridge

Director Business Development, UK

  • 30+ years’ experience in business development with a strong international background.
  • Has a proven track record working for both start-up companies and established multinational organisations.
  • Success has been built on the belief that you must understand your customer’s business needs.
  • Located in United Kingdom.

Roger van Duijn

Director Business Development, Netherlands

  • 25+ years’ international experience in the B2B Technology Sector
  • Honest and sustainable entrepreneur
  • Creative and pragmatic worker translating complex issues into simple practical solutions, representing the interests for both the customer and the organization
  • Excellent communication skills to all levels within a company
  • Engineering & IT degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • My motto: Results through simplicity
  • Based in the Netherlands

Felix Schönherr

Director Business Development, Germany

  • More than five years of experience in B2B marketing and business development for high tech industries
  • Track record of working for DAX30 and NASDAQ listed companies as well as innovative start-ups
  • Strong focus on international business communication
  • I listen closely and think ahead, always eager to deliver the best solutions to my customers
  • M.A. degree with studies in Tuebingen (Germany) and St. Louis (USA)
  • Located in Augsburg, Germany

Ágnes Pintér

Director Business Development, Switzerland

Tamás Szabó

Lead Project Manager

  • 11 years experience in IT project management
  • 5 years experience in mobile application projects
  • 6 years experience in international projects
  • Wide range of industries in IT projects: telco, automotive, travel, FMCG, government, catering, retail, marketing
  • IPMA certified project manager

Nóra Máté-Tóth

HR/Recruiting Manager

  • 12 years’ experience in multinational environment (industrial area)
  • Solid experience in project management, quality management and people management
  • Proven track of leading complex international projects, large groups and cross-functional teams
  • Innovative, performance-oriented, passionate about people and people development
  • Certified Business and Life Coach
  • Holds M.S.C in German, Mathematics, B.S.C in Economy


Operations & Business Management Software

Mobile Applications

Commerce and Web Solution

Embedded Software Development

Media and Advertising

Bank and Financial

IT Solution Design

IT Solution Development & Testing

Lifecycle & Quality Management

Data Management

Marketing & Organization Development

O&M Security & Vulnerability Management


Mobile application for travel booking

Travel reservation application – to plan, search and book flight tickets, accommodation and more, running on mobile devices.

E-learning: Quiz-maker application

Quiz-maker solution for teachers and their students, for e-learning purposes, for a Swedish client. Available as a web application and enabled on tablets and mobile devices as well.

HR process support solution development

Development team supporting a HR process support system product development using .NET MVC technology.

Electric Car charging management system development

Implementation of the backend solution of an electric car charging management system for an Austrian client, in Java Spring environment.

Enterprise management solution for hazardous waste management company

Tailor made, comprehensive enterprise management solution for a waste management company, affiliate of a global group. Key functionalities: logistics support application, client portal, internal workflow management. 

Contact us

Kibit Solutions Kft, 1132 Budapest, Kresz Géza utca 21. 1/6.